A Game made in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2022, Theme: Roll of the Dice.

Play as Death's Intern, completing tasks by assigning dice to them, succeeding and failing as you go. Balance between Morale (MOR) and Respect (RES) as you work up the ranks.




To Dice With Death - Jam Version 32 MB


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I really love this! Thanks for sharing it.

If you're looking for constructive feedback: I successfully increased my notoriety on the first turn, which felt great, but then I got many turns in a row with no chance to raise it any further. I was playing thoughtfully and spending a couple of minutes on each turn, and I understood Notoriety to be the main form of progress, so it felt slightly disappointing to have a long stretch of play with none on the cards. 

Some kind of pity timer might help? Unless a bit of thematically-appropriate despair is supposed to be part of the experience ;)


Thank you for playing and your kind words!

And yeah, I get that, we were hoping to have a more natural way of progression: originally it was higher notoriety meaning you got harder cards that were more likely to award notoriety, or just weighting questline cards to appear more often to allow more chances to get through them and get the notoriety at the end but sadly ran out of time due to the constraints of the jam.

If we're to update it further after ratings end (which we currently plan to) we're going to try and incorporate some more stuff like that to allow a proper feeling of progression. Thanks for the feedback!

I would swear it cheated me out of what really, really looked like a 20...

But other than that, a lot of fun.  A neat take on resource allotment.

Thanks for playing! 

Went back and looked, turns out the 20 thing is my bad, an unfortunate bug to have.

Game got stuck a few times but super fun and cool gimmick. 

I love this game